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Employment law 2013: Compliance quiz for managers

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Legal complaints filed by employees against their employers have risen dramatically over the past decade. Managers can do their part to prevent legal disputes by knowing the basics of employment law.

How well do you know the law? Take this quick quiz:

1. What are the most popular types of job discrimination complaints (in order) filed by employees?

    a.  Age, race, disability

    b.  Retaliation, race, sex

    c.  Sex, race, retaliation

2. If an hourly employee works overtime hours that weren’t approved by his or her manager, federal law says the organization:

    a.  Can dock the employee’s full pay for those unapproved work hours

    b.  Can dock only half his or her pay

    c.  Cannot dock the employee’s pay

3. At what age are workers protected by the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)?

    a.  40

    b.  50

    c.  55

4. True or False? To be eligible for job-protected leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), employees must specifically request “FMLA leave” to their managers or employers.

    a.  True

    b.  False

5. Which of these interview questions would not raise legal concerns under disability discrimination law?

    a.  “Have you had a major illness?”

    b.  “Have you ever filed for workers’ compensation benefits?”

    c.  “How well can you handle stress?”   

6. Federal law says terminated em­­ployees must be paid their final paychecks:

    a.  Within 72 hours of the ter­­mi­nation

    b.  By the next regular payday, but within 14 days

    c.  No federal law exists, but some states do set such laws

7. True or False? Federal disability law says it’s illegal to discriminate against overweight people in the hiring, firing and other job issues.

    a.  True

    b.  False

8. Federal law sets limits on the number of hours and types of tasks you can assign young workers. At what age, under federal law, can employees perform any job and with no hours limits?

    a.  17 years old

    b.  18 years old

    c.  19 years old

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