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Lessons from the office brown-noser

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in Office Politics,Workplace Communication

That person who’s always cozying up to the boss may drive you nuts, but you should consider that she may also be doing some things better, says life and career coach Dorothy Tannahill-Moran.

  • Highlighting accomplishments. Most bosses supervise several people, on top of their own work. If you don’t show and tell what you’re doing, they could easily miss it.
  • Operating with transparency. When what you do at work is an open book, your boss will see you as more trustworthy.
  • Setting the standard. Right or wrong, often the first person to come to the boss with information is the one whose information holds the most weight. If you want that to be you, communicate fully and frequently.
  • Branding positively and consistently. Your brand is who you are and what you bring to the table and you want that to shine through loud and clear at all times.
  • Being an obvious asset. You become an asset when you don’t just do your job, but find a way to help your boss do hers.

— Adapted from “What You Can Learn from the Boss’ Favorite Suck Up,” Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, Career Rocketeer.

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