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Turn techie with free online courses

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Computer skills are key for succeeding in the current business climate, writes John Patrick Pullen. But even if you didn’t study computer science, free online resources can help you get up to speed. Here’s a sampling of some of the best websites:

•    HP Learning Center: HP is a veteran in the online-instruction space; its Learn­­ing Center provides guidance on topics such as how to fix a laptop and how to choose colors for marketing materials.

•    Code Academy: This website, which launched last year, can help you to learn some programming basics through interactive lessons.

•    Google Code University: This resource provides more advanced programming instruction and gives guidance on topics such as online security and Android.

•    Inbound Marketing University: Refine your marketing skills by learn­­ing about blogging, search-engine opti­­mization and other subjects at this site.

•    iTunes U: Apple’s educational program, which has been around since 2007, can help you learn how to create iOS apps.

•    MIT Open Courseware: The next best thing to attending the Massachusetts In­­stitute of Technology includes courses on topics such as computer programming.

•    TED: See lectures about innovation, technology and other themes at TED.

— Adapted from “10 Free Online Resources for Business Tech,” John Patrick Pullen, Entrepreneur.

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