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Sexual harassment within HR demands alternative reporting system

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

No department is immune from sexual harassment—not even HR. And when someone in HR is implicated, that’s a big problem.

Why? What if your sexual har­­ass­­ment policy requires employees to register complaints with HR? If you don’t offer an alternative, then you may not be able to defend against a har­­ass­­ment claim alleging there was no effective way to report it.

Recent case: Lee worked in HR at Safelite Glass until she was terminated shortly after telling an executive that her immediate supervisor was sexually harassing her.

Lee handled day-to-day HR functions at the Safelite plant in Enfield. She had been trained on the company’s sexual har­­assment policies, which required supervisors to report suspected harassment up the chain of command. The policy also informed employees they could call a toll-free hotline to report any harassment, bypassing their supervisors.

Because Safelite has operations in all 50 states, the re...(register to read more)

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E Thomason July 29, 2018 at 12:41 am

Fun fact about this story! Enfield “leaders” are no different than the corporate office “leaders”. As a matter of fact we have images of the types of sexual behaviors and photos that were on these Enfield “leaders” computers as well as Corporate office leaders. And that was reported to PLD. However, no action and the person reporting was later terminated for doing their job. Let us know in the comments section if you’d like to see the photo evidence of this unethical to the core “business.” We are holding some of this for future legal proceedings but we will release all pertaining to Safelite “ethics” upon request. It is time to expose these vile people. Stop drinking the Kool Aid Melina!


Melina Metzger November 6, 2012 at 2:35 pm

As the public relations manager at Safelite, I find it disappointing that this publication did not contact us for any fact-checking or balanced coverage.

Safelite does in fact offer alternative, toll-free phone hotline managed by 3rd party provider and it is not accessible by Lee’s supervisor.

In addition, as Safelite continues to defend this case in court, it should be noted that the judge has cleared Lee’s supervisor of these charges.

Finally, Safelite does not take accusations of sexual harassment lightly. We have a firm commitment to the law and workplace ethics and encourage all employees to use our alternative third-party ethics hotline to report any concerns.


eBossWatch November 2, 2012 at 9:34 am

Employers should also be aware that managers accused of sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying might also be exposed on sites like eBossWatch.


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