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Keep your ’emotional bank account’ full

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in Career Management,Centerpiece,Office Communication,Workplace Communication

smiling piggy bankProfessional greatness isn’t just about the work. It’s also about interpersonal skills, which are critical to being an awesome employee.

“The issues most people struggle with have little to do with our ability to do the work,” says Quint Studer, author of The Great Employee Handbook: Making Work and Life Better. “It’s all the things that happen around the work. ... It’s whether we make life easier for our co-workers or more difficult.”

He offers these four workplace secrets from his book:

1.  There’s no substitute for being liked. Do you greet people with a smile each morning? Do you bring breakfast for everyone once in a while? Do you say happy birthday?

There are many little ways to make deposits in the “emotional bank account” at work. These deposits have a big, big impact, and they reduce the pain of the inevitable withdrawals.

“Go out of your way to make people happy when you can and they’ll forgive you when you make a ...(register to read more)

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