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Negotiating workplace conflicts: 9 tips for managers

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Team Building,Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

ConflictConflict happens in all corners of the workplace. But if issues aren't settled, bad things can happen: Good people quit, morale can plummet and, sometimes, violence can erupt.

But supervisors and managers don't need to become certified mediators to settle disputes. You just need to understand some basics about human behavior, practice the fine art of paying attention and offer yourself as a neutral party who wants to resolve the problem.

Here are nine insights and tricks of the trade, according to a new book, Improvisational Negotiation, by Jeffrey Krivis:

1. Let people tell their story. When people are deeply upset about something, they need to get their story out. This is a basic principle of mediation and one that's important to remember.

Yes, allowing people to speak their minds can increase the level of conflict with which you must deal. That's OK. You have to get through the conflict phase to find the solution. Som...(register to read more)

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