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Handling insubordination: manager guidelines

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in HR Management,Human Resources

Insubordination can result when difficult employees intentionally disregard a direct order from a manager, or inadvertently cross the discipline line when company policy is involved. Knowing how to handle employee insubordination can go a long way toward avoiding legal consequences when discipline or discharge is necessary.

If termination does become necessary, make sure you have documented employee performance reviews, in case you need to show them in court. Questions may arise on whether there are any official definitions or legal guidelines on what constitutes insubordination; or what legal protections employees enjoy when safety or bias concerns surround the employee misconduct.

FAQs about insubordination

1. Are there any official definitions or legal guidelines on what constitutes insubordination?

There are no statutes that explicitly define insubordination, but here's a good guideline:

Insubordination occurs w...(register to read more)

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