Nosy managers

  • July 01, 2005

Question: Two of my managers come to my desk frequently and read my computer screen and anything else within view of my desk. I do not report to either one. They...

Too loud co-worker

  • May 06, 2005

Question: We have three offices in our building and each office has a secretary.  One of our secretaries is a wonderful person but is too loud.  When I am...

Do not disturb time

  • May 06, 2005

Question: I just returned from a professional conference.  I've heard of people designating certain times as quiet time (or do not disturb time).  We...

The perils of sex in the corner office

  • August 01, 2004

And now, a cautionary tale in the form of Spencer Stuart headhunter Dennis Carey, who wooed and promoted his protégé, Marie-Caroline von Weichs, then fired...

How to handle employee personality conflicts

  • May 01, 2004

Issue: Employee disagreements are often laid at the feet of HR. Risk: Disputes can lower morale, cut productivity and even trigger violence. Action: Follow the following...

Silence a nagging boss

  • September 01, 2001

My boss constantly pesters me. He calls or visits my office every few hours, asking, “Is it done yet?” That distracts me and slows me down. How can I shut...

Welcome disagreement

  • May 01, 2000

If your team readily reaches consensus on a tough issue, that’s a bad sign.

Nail down the problem

  • November 01, 1999

When an employee comes to you with a problem, put it in perspective before you scurry to solve it.

Shut Down the Constant Complainer

  • April 01, 1999

Only the most disciplined, enlightened managers can resist the urge to argue when greeted with a nonstop complainer. But trying to convince someone that he’s wrong...