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Workplace Communication

In an era of Casual Fridays and work-from-home colleagues, how can you maintain effective office communication in a changing business climate?

We’ll steer you through changes in business etiquette, and help you successfully navigate through the new realities of workplace conflict and office politics.

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When tax firm KPMG wanted to fill hundreds of positions worldwide, it held an enormous job fair that attracted 20,000 candidates. But nobody showed up in person. The two-day, round-the-clock fair was entirely online. More organizations are tapping the global reach of the Internet to recruit employees ...

Anyone revved up to work longer and retire later? Workers may not have a choice, suggests a new book, Working Longer: The Solution to the Retirement Income Challenge.

You are in charge of a committee at work that no one seems to care about. Meeting attendance is lackluster, and those who do come rarely speak up. Here are 11 ways to make people feel more engaged.

Handling the sudden needs of aging parents is likely to be a major workplace disruption in the next few years. Why? The senior population in need of daily care is set to rise nearly 40% in the next decade. Here’s how to prepare for the crisis.

“Could I ask you to repeat your name one more time?” Admins who hate asking that question may fear that they come across as incompetent or unprofessional. The truth, though, is that they just want to get it right. Here are top tips from other admins on handling on-the-phone situations.

Who Moved My Cheese?, a simple parable about change, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is now the best-selling business book of all time. What exactly is it about this slim volume that a basic reader can swallow in 45 minutes?

Skittish of the economic uncertainty, an increasing number of professionals are saying “no thanks” to prospective employers trying to lure them to new jobs. Just 13% of middle managers say they’re actively looking for a new job.

It pays to give more than lip service to the Web 2.0 trend, with its emphasis on trust and openness. Just look at Cisco Systems. All decisions at Cisco used to be made by the top 10 people in the company, says CEO John Chambers. Today, he is spreading the company’s leadership and decision-making far wider than before.

Think before you click.That’s the in-a-nutshell advice of Will Schwalbe, co-author of Send, a book about how to write the perfect e-mail. Here are three of his best practices.

What’s more frightening to parents than terrorism and violent video games? Paying for college, reports one recent parent survey. Whether you’re a parent who has been saving for years or are just starting, says money expert Jean Chatzky, take these three steps to prepare.

An admin stumbled over how to recognize and reward employees on her team, so she turned to our Admin Pro Forum. Here’s what other admins are doing.

You may know exactly what Sam is about to say, so you’re impatient because it’s taking him so long. But that’s no excuse for interrupting him. Besides, people who speak slowly will slow things down even more if you interrupt them. Here's how to break the habit.

A report by the Keystone Research Center in Harrisburg and the Center for Economic Policy and Research in Washington says workers between ages 18 and 29 earn 10% less than people with comparable jobs earned 30 years ago—even though today’s young workers are better educated.

Do you saunter into work each Monday with a spring in your step and joy in your heart? If so, you’re in the minority. Here are seven ways you can feel content on a Monday, according to Jeff Garton, author of Career Contentment: Don’t Settle for Anything Less.

Here’s a three-part prescription to “rewire” yourself for happiness, courtesy of Dan Baker, author of What Happy People Know. For the next week, do these things daily ...

A cynic might say a 4% average earnings decline isn’t enough, but at least the highest-paid executives in America’s publicly traded corporations are feeling some of the pain of the financial meltdown.

Kathy Walters made many sideways moves, sometimes running different functions for three or four years at a clip. “All this so I could really understand the trade-offs you make in leadership,” says Walters, an executive vice president at Georgia-Pacific.

Using clichés will give readers the impression that they’ve heard it all before. Keep your reader engaged by making your writing as sharp and creative as your spoken conversations. Here are two simple strategies.

False urgency equals busyness: It’s stressful, exhausting and unproductive. True urgency feels powerful: It’s relentless, steady and purposeful. To sort out the truly urgent from mere distractions and get on with it, John Kotter offers four practical suggestions.

Susan has 30 years’ experience as an admin, while her new admin manager, Jade, is young enough to be her daughter. The age gap alone isn’t a problem for Susan, but she sometimes feels that Jade lacks “respect” for the way she does things.

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