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Workplace Communication

In an era of Casual Fridays and work-from-home colleagues, how can you maintain effective office communication in a changing business climate?

We’ll steer you through changes in business etiquette, and help you successfully navigate through the new realities of workplace conflict and office politics.

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Whip up a poll (at no cost) using PollDaddy.com.

Diane Darling, owner of Effective Networking, didn’t realize her casual purple pantsuits were keeping her from landing clients—until people told her. Darling sent a survey, using online polling tool SurveyMonkey.com ... That’s where she learned that she dressed too casually.

One "difficult" person is ruining your meetings with his or her bad behavior. What do you do? Those who pontificate or bully put a strain on the group and can sabotage productivity.

If you’re the office Eeyore who says, “We tried that before and it didn’t work,” highlighting the negatives isn’t likely to get you noticed—at least, not in a good way. Instead of pointing out the downside, try using these tactics.

Mercy Health System in Janesville, Wis., pays up to $3,000 per employee for college tuition, and $1,000 more if the employee works with an in-house mentor for up to three years.

Asked for the best advice her dad ever gave her, Susan Black-Beth says: “Don’t make decisions when you’re too mad, too glad or too sad.”

Here’s how to end a co-worker sexual harassment case when your organization decides not to discharge the alleged harasser.

E-mail and other data keeping you isolated? Your virtual absence sets an example not to focus on interaction with colleagues. This undermines employees’ understanding of how they’re doing and puts everyone at risk for miscommunication.

Americans are spending less but not necessarily saving more as the economy slides. According to a survey by Bank of America, 62% are either behind schedule or have not started retirement planning ...

Imagine two employees, both working for a difficult boss. One gets yelled at by the boss and leaves his office looking calm and unruffled. The other flees to the bathroom in tears or kicks the wall. The difference?

What’s a manager to do when faced with conflicting accounts of an argument between employees? An important part of that answer is to resolve the conflict quickly, before it spreads like a cancer through your organization ...

You are in charge of a committee at work that no one seems to care about. Meeting attendance is lackluster, and those who do come rarely speak up. How can you make people feel more engaged? Try these 11 easy-to-implement strategies.

Like a professional basketball player performs a ritual before a big moment—say, bouncing the ball exactly six times before taking a free throw—such routines can boost your own productivity by minimizing the variables that distract you. Instead of winging it, make up your own rituals ...

With spring training upon us, you may have lined up season tickets for the local baseball team. However, you won’t be able to deduct any expenses if you use the tickets personally. Strategy: Arrange to take clients or prospects out to the ballpark. You can write off the cost of the tickets plus other out-of-pocket expenditures.

Work is ever more collaborative, and the need for daily efficiency stronger than ever. So who has time for boring, unproductive meetings? No one. Keep meetings focused by heeding these don’ts.

There’s a silver lining among all the dark clouds of this recession, says John Challenger, chief executive of the employment-consulting firm Challenger and Gray, and it’s this: Layoffs can be good news, in a strange way.

Driving visitors to your company’s web site and coaxing them to provide contact information is a great way to generate sales leads. However, only 4% to 8% of people who click to a web site leave their personal information. To convert those web surfers into customers, consider these four surefire tips from FuelNet.

Congratulations—you’ve been promoted! After years of proving your technical ability, you’re now thrust into the position of management.

According to the 2009 Salary Guides, being multilingual is an “expert skill” that can bump you from the low end of a salary range to the high end. Here are a few web sites to help you spruce up your language skills.

Do you want a brainstorming session to generate one great idea or several above-average ones? A new study looked at two models: 1. Assembling a group of people and having them come up with product ideas. 2. Asking individuals to work on ideas by themselves before sharing their thinking. Who came up with better ideas?

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