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Office Communication

Communication in business requires the understanding of different communication styles, and the ability to break down communication barriers.

In business communication, effective communication requires a sort of “office communication toolkit” – the kind of resource Business Management Daily provides.

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Do you need to create a truckload of content, but you have no idea where to start?
Make sure you follow these rules when you mass text.
Don’t let sloppy communication habits carry over into 2017.
Watch for body language signs that indicate doubt during negotiations.
You don’t have to be the boss to be a micromanager. If you manage a micromanager, do this:
How long should you pause when inserting a moment of silence in your presentations?
Have you met someone who was just easy to talk to? You felt comfortable and opened up to the person? If you’d like to have that same effect on others, take this advice.
When it comes to your supervisor’s crummy behavior, you may keep your lips sealed to avoid any backlash. Don’t suffer in silence.
Nobody wants to be deemed a nag, but sometimes you have to let your inner-nag come out to push people to act or move tasks along.
Stop using the “very” + adjective combo, which is uninspired—and a little lazy.
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