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Office Communication

Communication in business requires the understanding of different communication styles, and the ability to break down communication barriers.

In business communication, effective communication requires a sort of “office communication toolkit” – the kind of resource Business Management Daily provides.

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When you fire an employee, in-person meetings with co-workers to announce the news is ideal. However, sometimes you need to spread the word quickly through email. Follow these guidelines.
While small talk can be a good way to connect with your employees, when you need to get stuff done, it is often tough to get away from drop-in visitors. Try these steps to get back to productivity.
Regardless of your profession, role or level within an organization, the most critical skill you can hone is your ability to listen. To be an exceptional listener, you must break these habits.
Negative employee attitudes and less-than-professional behavior can poison the workplace atmosphere. Here are six solutions for real-life issues from subscribers on handling problem employees before morale suffers.
Take online collaboration to the next level with these tips.
If you’ve been writing long enough, you may be relying on the same crutch words and structure—and it’s making your writing predictable. Here’s how you can break the habit.
If you are a user of Gmail, try these extensions, which are optional, user-installed upgrades, to improve your electronic communication.
Error-free writing is ideal, but your writing must be more than just free of glaring typos and grammatical mistakes. It must also be clear—and aptly convey the message you want to share. Follow this checklist to fine-tune your draft into polished prose.
If you want 100% consensus before you make a decision, chances are you’ll be waiting a long time. Rather than trying to elicit a “Yes” from every member of your team, follow these steps.

To understand what your boss means—and expects—use this handy list to decode some common phrases he or she likely uses.

To come out on top in negotiations, don’t resort to bad behavior to win. Avoid the following.

This month’s Best Communicator Award may surprise you, but I’m giving it to Naomi Osaka, the professional tennis player, after winning the WTA event in Indian Wells.

When people ask “May I pick your brain?” it’s a compliment because they want to tap your expertise. When you’re strapped for time, it feels more like a hassle. Here’s what to do.

The best communicators adapt their messages on the fly—as they’re speaking—in response to verbal and non-verbal cues from the audience. Here’s how you can too.

If you want to protect your job—and climb that ladder—don’t use these career-killing phrases at work.

Too many content creators believe that a few typos in a blog, social media post or sales copy are “just fine” because people don’t pay attention to them. The experts disagree. In fact, they say typos can decrease your sales. Here’s why.

If you want to ruin your presentation fast, utter these phrases in your introduction.

Do you desperately need your co-workers—or even your boss—to move a little faster and deliver on a request? Use these subtle, polite phrases to encourage them to step it up.

Despise public speaking? Follow these tips to make the whole experience less scary.

One of the most important skills you can learn is how to describe complex or complicated ideas in a way that everyone can understand. Follow this advice to master the skill.

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