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Career Management

Successful career development is more than doing a good job. Dressing for success, business writing skills, career networking – all are vitally important.

Business Management Daily’s succinct, workplace-tested career advice is designed to help you position yourself to succeed in your chosen field.

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We are fully into the holiday season, and it’s a great time to market your products and services through email and social media. Follow this advice to make the most of this festive—and usually profitable—time of year.

Stop battling your nerves and follow these quick tips to present like a pro.
You will hear your fair share of criticism at work. It’s inevitable. How you take that criticism and what you do afterward can make or break your career.
You know that coming in late, being a jerk to co-workers and botching your assignments can hurt your workplace reputation. However, you probably never thought the following actions could be making you look bad.
Connecting with complete strangers can be uncomfortable for shy people, but email can be a great option if you feel too awkward to introduce yourself in person. Follow these tips.
Charisma can take you far in life, making it easier for you to network, build relationships and influence the people around you. If you feel you are lacking charm—or you just want to step it up a notch—follow this advice.
If you want to be truly happy at work, let go of these three things.
In most cases you need to do what your boss tells you. However, here are three cases when you should push back—respectfully, of course.
If you want people to follow you, you need to prove your credibility. But how do you do that? Follow these critical tips.
Use this advice to train yourself to become a more disciplined decision maker.
Engaged employees are an invaluable asset. But the key question is not “Is employee engagement good?” but rather “Does employee engagement truly drive results?” It’s not engagement but accountability that gets the credit for good results.

Blythe, an admin from San Diego, was sure the pay of an Executive Assistant would be very nice, but she had her doubts about whether to go for the job. She liked being on the same level as other admins in the office, working as a group, and the idea of tying herself so closely to the whims of just one boss was making her hesitant. Words submitted to us from actual admins around the country changed her mind.

Avoid the pink slip—and instead position yourself for a promotion—by following this advice.
You want to be viewed as a team player at work—not a pushover. Agreeing to take on more and more, even when you are already overwhelmed, is a sure way to burn out, and your work will suffer. Follow these tips to put an end to the behavior
Richard Moran, author of The Thing About Work: Showing Up and Other Important Matters [A Worker’s Manual], offers this advice for excelling in the workplace—and in life.
How do you know if you can realistically hit a goal weeks or months from now, when there are so many variables and so much could change? Follow this advice.
Are wild hippos evading the workplace? No, but HiPPO—accepting the “highest paid person’s opinion” as the most valuable—certainly is an issue.
The last thing you want is to be known as the office gossip because it casts a shadow on your professionalism and trustworthiness. Bounce back and shed the gossip reputation with these steps.
When you are in negotiations, use tie-down questions to guide the person to adopt your position or to gauge their commitment to your ideas. Tie-down questions help you clarify the other person’s position without being too forceful.
Excuses hold you back, and keep you from taking actions that will lead you forward in your career and improve your life, in general. Here’s how to combat three self-defeating excuses.
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