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Career Management

Successful career development is more than doing a good job. Dressing for success, business writing skills, career networking – all are vitally important.

Business Management Daily’s succinct, workplace-tested career advice is designed to help you position yourself to succeed in your chosen field.

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You’ve just been offered a new position or promotion, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you. What should you do next? Follow these tips.

No one wants to admit that he or she is the problem, and self-assessment can be one of the hardest things to do. But if you are unhappy at work, it’s best to make sure you aren’t the reason.

To gain customers’ trust, use these tactics.

Stress affects everyone, and if it is taking a toll on you, it’s time to have a direct conversation with your boss. Follow this advice to do so, without looking like you can’t handle your job.

You don’t need a title or boatloads of authority to influence people. Here’s how to lead others and influence them to get things done, even if you aren’t the boss.

Instead of blurting out “No way!” or “I’m too busy!” try these statements.

To succeed this year, you need to focus on your priorities. That may mean you need to let go of your people-pleaser tendencies. But how do you know if you’re truly a people pleaser? Ask yourself these questions.

Make the most of your networking efforts by following this advice.

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion—if you do it the right way. Follow these tips to pat yourself on the back, without sounding arrogant.

Livestreaming offers a fresh way to connect with customers and promote your product and services. Follow these tips to create outstanding live content.

The wrong questions can ruin a sales call and fast. To keep the conversation rolling, avoid the following questions, and learn what you should say instead.

Here’s some advice on prepping for a video interview from Tom Johnson, head of corporate communications for a consulting firm.

Are you killing it a work—or barely making an impact? Here are three ways to know if you’re doing an exceptional job or merely a mediocre one.

If you want to boost your productivity as we move into 2018—but you are tired of the same old advice—use these tips from executive coach Dr. Monique Valcour.

Do employees or co-workers regularly interrupt you or do other tasks, such as look at their phones, as you speak? Use these phrases to put an end to the rude behavior.

Follow this advice to set New Year’s resolutions that you actually see through.

Work is stressful enough. Don’t let the following problems make it even more so. Vow now to eliminate these major stress-causers from your life.

Even well-meaning feedback can be unsettling, but when people share it at the wrong time or place or in the wrong way, it can be downright hurtful. Follow these tips to take the sting out of the feedback—and go on to benefit from it.

Overthinking—or worrying about everything—tears down your confidence and hurts your productivity. Follow these tips to put an end to this detrimental behavior.

We all make mistakes, but some have a lingering effect and threaten to damage our reputations permanently. If your reputation is down in the dumps, follow this advice to rebuild it.

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