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The Wrong Question

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What is the secret to have your client talk about your company to others?
The most difficult part of the process is to fill a room with qualified prospects.  It is now longer about how many but who...
A question has the ability to steer the direction of a project, committee, company, industry or even a country.
Nothing is more frustrating than having a prominent link to your website that nobody clicks on.  Skeptical, skimming web users ignore links they perceive as low value and move on.   So how can you consistently drive traffic and links to your website without spending every hour of every day on it?  

Your new employee will almost certainly help you into the board room, corner office or lunch with the CEO.

Social media is a real game-changer when it comes to generating leads, supporting the sales cycle, enhancing search engine optimization (SEO) and promoting brand reputation.
The danger in reading Howard Kurtz article is to confine this problem to the newspaper business.  The same mistake ruined Polaroid and Kodak's film developing business, put travel agencies out of business, unemployed TV repair men, altered the book selling business, etc.
Pfizer will generate billions from an additional $1 a day from dog lovers.  What will your best customers pay $1 a day for...?
Better Question: Why do politicians and academics think they know business?

David Gergen is a very accomplished individual serving four of our presidents very successfully.  He is now a professor and political analyst for CNN. Very accomplished indeed, but a review of his resume does not show a time when he has ever lost sleep over making payroll.  He has never had to consider the impact of government regulation on his business, never brought a product to market or worried about a discrimination suit from a fired employee.
Page 3 of 3123