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The Savvy Office Manager

The Savvy Office Manager

Cal Butera is the editor of Business Management Daily’s Office Manager Today, Manager’s Legal Bulletin, Managing People at Work and Communication Briefings newsletters. He has been with Business Management Daily since 2007 and worked 22 years for midsize daily newspapers as sports writer, news reporter, layout and design editor, copy editor and city editor.

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It’s the ultimate punch in the manager’s gut because it’s taken as a direct affront to the boss’s authority. You’ve been challenged. Undermined. Dissed. Ouch!

Why are there no operator manuals for managers to properly handle employees? Well, now the problem is solved. You no longer have to wing it.

Perhaps you’re lulled into thinking that you, the manager, in loco parentis, need to step up and deliver accolades and the unconditional hugs to your millennials. Not so fast. Here are the three trophies millennials do need.
Here are things many bosses unwittingly do that damage and ultimately chase away their good workers.
Here’s a line you may toss at your employees that seems reasonable at the outset, but could have downstream consequences when it comes to productivity, and worse, employee motivation and self-improvement: “As long as you get your work done.”
Every organization has one or two employees who can be labeled as hopelessly disengaged, totally unplugged and here just for the paycheck and other trimmings you call benefits. But what about the disengagement that permeates the whole workplace?
Here are the top mistakes hiring managers make that lead good job candidates to wonder whether they really want to work for you.
It’s a place you don’t want to enter. And unsurprisingly, many supervisors find themselves there. “There” is the shady side, the underhanded side, the dark side of running the workplace. Whether it’s because of  habit, survival or just a case of “I don’t know why I went there,” it’s a place you need to get out of—quickly.
It’s human nature to judge, especially in the high-stakes game of hiring. Here are job-seekers’ idiosyncrasies that play with your mind, and can twist your judgment.
Most workers understand that if they don’t get their jobs done they could ultimately be replaced. That’s a concept easily grasped. But every workplace has one employee-maybe two, or even more-who is downright difficult to manage.
The following is a short Christmas play. Written in five staves, the play teaches a “what comes around … goes around” lesson to a wayward boss who discovers the true meaning of Christmas one strange, magical night. With apologies to Charles Dickens …
Their true accomplishments revealed, their deepest secrets told with just one reading—that is, if you really do want to know them ...
Just when you thought you’ve seen it all at work, here comes Stan to start his shift with what looks like a sieve on his head. That's right, a sieve. But before you put a stop to it, there's a recent news story you need to consider.
Underperformers really come in only three varieties, and most of them can be repaired, but more easily, prevented from becoming one in the first place.
We all make mistakes. From the CEO down to the worker bees. Most errors can be fixed and almost all forgiven. But as a new manager, there are six major mistakes that can quickly define you as an ineffective leader.
If you’re a manager, you’ve got workplace horror stories. You know, that new hire from hell that chased away your biggest account. The budget cut that torpedoed your six-month-long project. That sweltering July when the building’s air conditioning system decided to retire. But it gets spookier. You can deal with those one-time scares. There is, however, an ever-creeping shadow that dims most workplaces at the worst times, and it permeates at will. And all the sinister shenanigans that go on in the workplace, strangely, are preserved on film. Here are the classic horror flicks whose scenes can be found where you work.
Looking to impress on social media or in your email signature? After a great picture comes your title. Don’t really have one or need a better one? Look no further. You can customize your own with our handy Build-A-Job-Title kit.
There are subtle ways a boss can bully his workers that are not so apparent to him or even his superiors. But the workers feel it. Those would be the little idiosyncrasies or habits that he picked up on his way to bossdom that begin to alienate his staff and chip away at morale. Here are four things that make you monster lite, but nonetheless repulsive.
Here is a look at the heat that lies beneath the surface of that cool management job you just landed. Without further ado, take Virgil’s hand and descend into the nine circles of management hell.
No doubt you have favorite songs that help you start your day, give you that extra shove to try something new, tell someone off, or to just console you after a letdown. Here are the top 12 songs for inspiration and motivation, and the jewels that lie within them.
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