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The Office Tech Pro

The Office Tech Pro

A Microsoft® Certified Trainer, Melissa Esquibel combines her 25+ years experience in information technology with a background in training, technical writing and business risk analysis. Her goal: To take you from “No, how?” to “Know how!”

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Stop counting on your fingers and toes to do date math! Use these Excel tips to calculate past due dates, follow-up dates and other tedious time calculations.
Capture phrases, paragraphs or objects to use over and over in Word and Outlook.
Starting in Outlook 2007, Microsoft has re-invented categories to include color and the application of that color across the various types of Outlook items. How can you use them?
7 new features of Office 2010. Some things you have been waiting for for years. Others are just plain cool.
Have you ever found a great table of data on the web and then gone through a 90 step process to copy, paste and clean up that data to use in your Excel worksheet? In many cases, you can set up a link to that data that not only keeps the data in the tabular arrangement, but allows you to refresh your data when the web site updates.
Don't copy/paste data from the web, use Excel's external data import tools.
There are two view attributes and a shortcut that can make it a snap to navigate around your really large and complex documents. The proper use of heading styles is required for one of these and is always a good idea in complex documents.
Three techniques to navigate complex Word documents.
While animation can be overdone, when used judiciously, it can add punch to your message. This is one example of how to accomplish that goal in 5 steps.
A how-to about PowerPoint animation using SmartArt.
4 great tips for using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook to help you manage your holiday tasks.
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