Sample Policy: Solicitations

  • January 01, 2007

The following sample policy was excerpted from The Book of Company Policies, published by HR Specialist,© Edit for your organization’s purposes. ...

Setting clear performance standards

  • January 01, 2007

"I didn't know what you expected ... Well, no one told me to do it that way!" Have you heard this complaint before? Probably so.

Sample Policy: Moonlighting

  • January 01, 2007

The following sample policies were excerpted from The Book of Company Policies, published by HR Specialist, © 2007. Edit for your organization’s...

Why Henry Ford doubled wages

  • December 01, 2006

When Henry Ford announced Five-Dollar Day in 1914, it created a sensation. Overnight, the Ford Motor Co. would double the standard wage of automobile workers. Why did...

When an employee is caught in a lie

  • December 01, 2006

A single untruth needn't result in imme­diate dismissal, but a steady pattern of unreliable reporting or telling tall tales undoubtedly makes an employee a poor team...

Sy Syms: suited for success

  • November 01, 2006

When clothing retailer Sy Syms founded Syms in 1959, he gained a competitive edge simply by doing things sooner than his competitors.

Tips for managing your friends

  • October 01, 2006

When you work together, it's easy to become friends. When you become the manager, those relationships change.

Paid Time Off Programs Compared In Survey

  • September 19, 2006

When it comes to time off, it seems that all the talk is about paid time off (PTO) programs. But just because Traditional programs might not receive as much of the HR...

Ben Franklin on continuous improvement

  • September 01, 2006

Benjamin Franklin managed to set up America’s first publishing chain, public library, fire department and nonsectarian university; plus “discover”...

Mike’s sells the rumble, not the Harley

  • September 01, 2006

In 1992, Mike Schwartz walked into a Harley-Davidson dealership in Delaware … and learned that he’d have to wait a year and half for his bike. Convinced...

Get the full package: head, heart & guts

  • September 01, 2006

“Whole” leaders balance head, heart and guts, while “partial” leaders lag in one or two qualities. Here’s a series of questions to...

How Snapper’s CEO said ‘No’to Wal-Mart

  • August 01, 2006

When he acquired high-end lawn mower manufacturer Snapper in 2002, CEO Jim Wier’s lowest-priced machine sold for about $350. Because Wal-Mart also sold six other...