Quiet leaders want change, not limelight

  • May 01, 2007

People define quiet leaders by what they’re not. They’re not making big-deal decisions. They’re not at the top of the food chain. They don’t...

The art of giving good instructions

  • May 01, 2007

Giving instructions is an important management skill. And it is a skill—one you can learn and improve. Here are some guidelines from the pros.

When the boss’s daughter bends the rules

  • April 01, 2007

"Treat her just like all the other employees," Mr. Bigg, the company CEO, told you when Sam came on board. "I don't want her getting special treatment because she's my...

ADA: Hiring Practices

  • March 27, 2007

HR Law 101: The ADA prohibits employers from asking job applicants questions that may reveal a disability. You should ask only about the person's ability to perform a...

Review job contracts carefully after a merger

  • March 02, 2007

In this age of mergers and acquisitions, it's increasingly common for employees to find themselves employed by a different entity almost overnight. When such changes...