Rudy Giuliani’s 6 leading principles

  • May 01, 2006

When former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke at a conference hosted by the Center for Creative Leadership last year, he named six essential qualities of great...

Marcy Blochowiak on empowerment

  • April 01, 2006

Someone once advised Marcy Blochowiak, head of the Georgia-based financial services marketing firm World Financial Group, that she would have to lead herself before she...

Ways to boost employee morale

  • March 31, 2006

Question: First of all, let me thank all of those who have given me advice in the past. My frustrations have finally been solved. All this time, I thought no one cared...

Jerry Lewis on taking criticism

  • March 01, 2006

In 1953, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis played London’s Palladium, the first appearance in England for what back then was America’s top entertainment act. The...

Three components of strong leadership

  • March 01, 2006

Leaders run a high risk of burnout as they move from one real-world challenge to the next. Stay strong by realizing that you need to continually learn and grow in three...

The Wall Street hustler who never retired

  • March 01, 2006

When John H. Slade died, one obituary made a telling error in saying that he had worked at Bear Stearns for “seven centuries.” Actually, it was only seven...

Behold GE’s 5 growth-leadership traits

  • March 01, 2006

For a while now, General Electric’s top dogs have been studying companies they admire, like Dell and Toyota, seeing how they do things and trying to figure out...

Employee-appreciation ideas

  • February 24, 2006

Question: "I need some good employee-appreciation ideas. My company has about 500 employees who work in different departments, and we don't even recognize...

Wrong decisions vs. bad decisions

  • January 01, 2006

While even the best leaders aren’t perfect decision-makers, it’s still true that a wrong decision is different from a bad decision.

Recall names with Look, Snap, Connect

  • January 01, 2006

Never forget a person’s name again. Sound like a pipe dream? Not if you use Gary Small’s Look/Snap/ Connect technique. “The major reason we forget...

Charlie Weis keeps his word

  • December 01, 2005

Notre Dame University football coach Charlie Weis met in September with a very sick 10-year-old named Montana Mazurkiewicz. Weis asked the boy if he could do anything...

China’s K’ang-hsi: a leader’s leader

  • December 01, 2005

K’ang-hsi, who ruled China from 1661 to 1722, was a formidable leader who held direct authority over courts, infrastructure, military defense and nearly...

Don’t feed the ‘alpha pup’

  • December 01, 2005

Can’t follow what the younger members of your staff are talking about? Here’s a quick sampling of business buzzwords:

How to practice ‘small-L leadership’

  • December 01, 2005

Even if you lack formal authority, you can still practice what business professor and researcher Robert E. Kelly calls “small-L leadership” by bringing...

The dangers of hasty decision-making

  • December 01, 2005

In his latest book, Why Decisions Fail, scholar Paul C. Nutt analyzes 15 disastrous courses of action, from Ford’s defense of the flammable Pinto to...