Your next job: An HR consultant?

  • June 17, 2009

Although it may seem counterintuitive, there are many good reasons to launch a one-person HR consultancy as the economy sputters. Despite the layoffs and budget cuts,...

Corporate Cost-Cutting Strategies

  • May 04, 2009

Companies are employing multiple cost-cutting strategies in order to delay, reduce, or eliminate the need to make permanent job cuts, according to a survey by global...

How do I calculate retention and turnover?

  • January 15, 2008

Question: "I am trying to calculate our employee retention and turnover rate. I understand that these are two different things relating to: 1) how many employees we...

The pros and cons of job sharing

  • October 02, 2007

Question: “One of our employees has asked her manager if she can 'job share.' Instead of working full time, she’d work three days, another person would...