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Office Technology

Business Management Daily is your source for office technology tips and training. WE provide keyboard-tested advice on Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

It is said that people only use 10% of their brains. Are you only using 10% of your office technology? We’ll help you unlock the other 90%.

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Some managers leave their machines on all the time (with a screen saver, of course) under the assumption that this will preserve the monitor and the fan motor.
Looking for just the right visual element to liven up your next big speech?

Train yourself

by on August 1, 1997 9:00am
in Office Technology

An increasing number of software training programs are now being conducted through self-taught, online programs.

Sick of junk e-mail?

by on August 1, 1997 9:00am
in Office Technology

Beware of responding to the return address to request removal of your e-mail address for future mailings.
Cut the cost of long-distance faxing by putting the Net to work for you.
When setting up a Web site, create a written, signed contract for your subscribers stating that they agree not to exploit any information commercially.
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