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Office Technology

Business Management Daily is your source for office technology tips and training. WE provide keyboard-tested advice on Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

It is said that people only use 10% of their brains. Are you only using 10% of your office technology? We’ll help you unlock the other 90%.

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A few tips to help you work better in OneNote.
Working in PowerPoint can be a frustrating exercise in squinting, nudging and reformatting. It doesn’t have to be if you know a few tricks.
With these resources you can drill down and understand what the world of big data means for you.
Removing attendees ... Deleting meetings ... A substitute for recurring meetings
Google forms is an easy way to launch a survey or create a form to place on your website.
Remembering which password goes with which app can be confusing and frustrating—unless you have a password manager.
A few tips to help you work better in Word.
Workplace learning is undergoing a significant change, and technologies such as virtual reality and 3D are at the heart of this.
Try these information resources to focus on certain types of data, quickly.
Here is, hopefully, some clarity about you can do in each version of Outlook.
Data offer you the power to improve the content you’re producing and your overall content strategy.
Q. I need to prorate mileage over the number of days an employee was accident free. What would that formula look like?
Q. Sometimes I click in cells and a dropdown arrow appears. I can only type in or select one of those. How do I get rid of that?
There are several great tools in Google Calendars to keep you focused.
Here are some little-known facts about Pinterest.
A few tips to help you work better in Excel.
Here are three tips to save you time and pain from all that clicking and dragging.
It’s always good to know who is helping to shape how you live and work.
List and library settings ... SharePoint Online ribbon ... Creating a template from a list or library
You might have to go an extra click or two to access this cool little app inside your Google Drive account, but it’s worth doing.
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