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Meeting Management

Successful meeting management is a cornerstone of good office management – and that’s where Business Management Daily can help.

From thorough meeting event planning to taking minutes that accurately reflect the content of the meeting, our checklists and articles help improve your meeting management.

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With the new year comes a chance to spend a little time thinking about you and what you want. What are your dreams and goals for this year? How else can you grow professionally?

A senior manager at a Texas technology firm always asks a lower-level employee—usually an administrative assistant—to perform his initial phone screens of candidates. Because teamwork is vital at the firm, the manager looks for feedback on how the candidate treated the assistant ...

Robert Catell of National Grid USA models how to lead a successful Q&A session with employees.
The setting for team meetings matters more than you may think. If the group always gathers in the same room, a "same old, same old" mentality can sink in and stymie creativity.
Even if you diligently prepare everyone in advance for a team meeting, it can be difficult keeping the discussion on track.

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Michigan, recently handed employers some ammunition to fight FMLA claims. In its decision in Novak v. MetroHealth Medical Center, the court reaffirmed that an employer is not obligated to get a second opinion when it rejects an employee’s certification paperwork ...

Staff meetings can serve as a lively exchange of ideas and information or an exercise in tedium. It's up to you.
If your meetings are like most, your control of things will be challenged by "meeting monsters"--strong personalities that can derail your efforts.

Is your organization going through a transition period marked by discharges and new hires? If so, take a quick look at your pre- and post-transition work force composition. If the diversity of your work force has changed dramatically, you may need to consider the possibility of a federal lawsuit hitting you next. If this sounds familiar, rethink your strategy before it’s too late ...

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