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Dealing with Bosses

Even a good boss is a challenge. But when you’re dealing with bosses, dealing with difficult bosses makes everything twice as hard.

It can often feel as if you’re the one managing the boss. Business Management Daily shows you how to transform you and your boss into an efficient, unstoppable team.

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These four tips have helped Microsoft manager Josh Ledgard move on down the road to leadership:
With the holidays approaching, perhaps you’re preparing to send cards to your bosses, peers and employees.
To get ahead, ask your bosses, “What do you see as the three most important skills for my position?”
A manager wrote to ask us how to deal with an aggressive boss who interrupts constantly, uses foul language and loves to give quizzes that put people on the defensive.
You’ll stand out more if you consistently underpromise and overdeliver—and if your bosses grow to expect that from you.
If you’re a hard-charging go-getter, drape yourself in modesty.
A reader called us to ask, “Should I start job hunting? My company is scaling down longtime perks like free coffee. Even the water coolers are now unfilled. Am I overreacting—or should I flee while I can?”
I’m younger than everyone else in my unit, and I’ve been promoted twice recently.
In our lunchroom, the topic of layoffs comes up a lot.
To upgrade your persuasiveness, present your ideas in small, appealing packages.
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