No need to reverify expired driver’s license

  • March 02, 2007

Q. I was interested in your recent article discussing reverifying employees' I-9 documents when they expire. Does this mean that if a worker shows a driver's license as...

Tips for an office makeover

  • August 01, 2006

Most of our workspaces are homely, not homey. But we spend more of our waking hours at work than at home, and workplace design has been shown to influence performance...

Getting multiple signatures

  • April 20, 2006

Question: We currently have a problem with documents that need several signatures taking an unacceptable length of time to obtain those signatures.  I have...

Alphabetizing suggestions

  • October 07, 2005

Question: We are discussing how to alphabetize our file folders, and our problem is twofold:  First, some people are good about putting files away as soon as...

Proper filing

  • September 23, 2005

Question: I work for a real estate company that manages apartment buildings. Problem: Proper filing as it pertains to our building names. Each apartment building we...

Prevent the damage from employee defections

  • June 01, 2005

Issue: How to stop employees from disclosing confidential data, or jumping to a competitor and stealing your employees. Benefit: You can stop defectors from raiding...