8 steps to a more productive meeting

  • March 07, 2011

Between vague agendas and never-ending PowerPoints, meetings have become a waste of time for many. Here’s how some “experts” structure their huddles to...

The do’s and don’ts of virtual meetings

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Virtual meetings, whether by phone or video, have become a business staple. But virtual meetings present special challenges. How to stay professional during a virtual...

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Some of the most successful businesspeople, such as Bill Gates, are known for taking detailed, effective meeting notes. Gina Trapani, a technology writer and software...

Meeting the PayPal challenge

  • May 17, 2010

Entrepreneur Shvat Shaked, who parlayed his training as a former Israeli intelligence soldier into co-founding a cyber security firm, had the chutzpah to accept a dare...

Help! We need topics to discuss at meetings

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Question: “What would be a few good agenda items to discuss at our next administrative professionals meeting?  No one really wants to say anything, and...

How to run more effective meetings

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Team meetings often degenerate into a disorganized free-for-all. That’s because whenever you get a group together, maintaining everyone’s focus proves a...

Energize your next staff meeting

  • February 01, 2008

Staff meetings can serve as a lively exchange of ideas and information or an exercise in tedium. It's up to you.

Taming the meeting monsters

  • October 01, 2007

If your meetings are like most, your control of things will be challenged by "meeting monsters"--strong personalities that can derail your efforts.