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Preventing Workplace Violence

Preventing workplace violence … Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Use these violence prevention strategies to identify 8 warning signs of violent employee behavior, access 2 examples of a sound workplace violence policy and learn how YOUR management style can stop workplace violence before it erupts…

Make workplace safety a core part of your management strategy and policy planning. Use our workplace violence prevention strategies, sample policies and screening advice to keep your most valuable capital – your workers – safe and violence free.

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The National Institute for Occupa-tional Safety and Health (NIOSH) has posted a new guide for employers on how to evaluate workplace safety and health changes. The guidance aims to help organizations ...
Are your team members feeling hot under the collar? Experts tell us there are more than 1.5 million incidents of anger-related workplace violence in the U.S. each year — and the number's growing.

If you operate businesses in Mexico or Canada, check out a new Web site that discusses the workplace safety rules of each country.

As a manager, you need to let employees express their religious beliefs while, at the same time, making sure those expressions don’t infringe on the rights of co-workers or the organization. That task is more difficult than ever. Why? Employee claims of religious discrimination in the workplace have nearly doubled in the past decade. The […]

What to do when passing confidental information.

This year is a good time to review your overall safety program, especially if your accident and injury rates haven't dropped in recent years.

The federal government is cranking up its workplace safety inspections, especially targeting repeat offenders and companies with unusually high reports of workplace injuries and illnesses.

Issue: Workplace violence claims about 2 million victims each year. Risk: The resulting injuries and trauma translate to $13.5 billion in medical costs and 1.75 million days of work lost ...
An off-duty employee confronted a co-worker at his desk and accused him of having an affair with his girlfriend. Two supervisors, suspecting the confrontation might turn violent, escorted both employees to ...
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) last month unveiled its long-awaited plan to reduce workplace ergonomic injuries. Biggest change from the Clinton-era plan: Gone are strict mandates on employers. Instead, ...
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