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Leaders & Managers

From the nitty gritty of daily management to addressing your aspirations of leadership, this section for leaders & managers tells you how to make strong leadership decisions, build effective teams, delegate and stay above the everyday management muddle.

Get tips, strategies, tool and advice on: performance reviews, preventing workplace violence, best-practices leadership, team building, leadership skills, people management and management training.

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People still see male leaders in a different way than they see female leaders, ongoing research indicates.
Never forget a person’s name again. Sound like a pipe dream? Not if you use Gary Small’s Look/Snap/ Connect technique. “The major reason we forget people’s names, sometimes only seconds after being introduced, is that we are not truly paying attention,” says Small, author of The Memory Bible: An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain […]
You've heard it before, and it sounds really simple, but it often falls by the wayside in the everyday quest to get the job done. Recognition equals motiva­tion—and it doesn't have anything to do with money.
Building respect for diversity on your team is both the right thing to do and essential for optimum performance. Are you sending your team the right message on diversity?
Plenty of "team leaders" find it hard to know what to do to really engage in continuous team building and make a workgroup more than the sum of its parts. Here are some ques­tions to ask:
It seems simple to set rules regarding punctuality, expect workers to follow them, and resort to discipline when they don't. But often, tardiness is a symptom of bigger problems that, left unaddressed, will keep you from ever getting people working on time. Here's what to do:
Savvy managers, therefore, go to great lengths to get the right number of hard-working, talented, motivated and positive people on their team. This won't guarantee success, of course, but it will make important goals a lot easier to accomplish. Here are some guidelines to help you staff your team for top effectiveness:
Find out what people are saying about your organization.
Save time and effort by not trying to convert everyone to your viewpoint.
Show your people that you value them by displaying photos of them on the job.
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