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Leaders & Managers

From the nitty gritty of daily management to addressing your aspirations of leadership, this section for leaders & managers tells you how to make strong leadership decisions, build effective teams, delegate and stay above the everyday management muddle.

Get tips, strategies, tool and advice on: performance reviews, preventing workplace violence, best-practices leadership, team building, leadership skills, people management and management training.

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Nobody can live — much less lead — from a position of despair. Keep your optimism in shape using these five exercises:
People can take tough news if you deliver it honestly, appeal to their nobler sentiments and listen to yourself from their vantage point.
Has your fast trip to the top given you a slightly enlarged head? Did it leave you isolated? From this moment on, quit relying on what you already know, and start learning what you need to thrive at a higher altitude.
Humans are not exactly rational creatures, and negotiating ranks among the least rational of our activities. Consider this explanation from researchers Keith Stanovich of the University of Toronto and Richard West of James Madison University:
Sometimes, leadership seems downright simple. You plan, and you work the plan. That’s the credo of Augie Bossu, who at age 90 has taken a break as a football coach at Benedictine High School in Cleveland for the first time since Eisenhower inhabited the White House.
Fred is working his first job and, though he's eager and interested, he unquestion­ably has a few rough edges. How do you transform him into a valuable, smoothly integrated member of your team?
Everyone agrees it's important to delegate, but few of us do enough of it. Are you using this important management tool to develop your staff and make the most of your time?
Good training doesn't just happen. It's the result of careful preparation and part of a well-developed system of supervision.
You can make some tax-wise choices in your financial affairs to improve the outlook for this year and future years. Here are several ideas.
Earlier this month, coffee giant Starbucks Corp. was forced to withdraw an employee discount for a free iced coffee at its shops in the southeastern United States after things got out of hand.
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