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Leadership Skills

Don’t just be a boss — be a leader. Maximize your leadership skills in the five most crucial areas: decision making, executive coaching, leadership training, strategic management and understanding your leadership style.

Situational leadership changes depending on the type of leadership (direction and support) each of your employee’s needs. Emotional leadership is based more on the theory of emotional intelligences and relates to the situation at hand.
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When interviewed about AT&T’s layoffs in the 1990s, CEO Robert Allen said something like, “What do you want me to do? Go on TV and cry?” Hank Gilman, of Newsweek, says, “We called it In-Your-Face Capitalism.” And that landed Allen in the “Bad PR Hall of Fame.”
If people don’t feel safe bringing bad news to you, then they’ll never want to bring anything but a rosy outlook. “So I had to change how I behaved, and start to thank people for bringing me bad news,” says Joseph Jimenez, who took over as a division president for an underperforming company.
Copying what works for one leader and applying it in your own workplace can bring poor results. Moving from good to great means knowing who you are and what you are meant to do.
A great reason for failure won’t save one dollar for your investors, one job for your employees or win you one new customer. It won’t make you feel any better when you declare bankruptcy. Just win.

Imagine you’ve shown up for three days of leadership training. On the first night, you’ve settled in for a good night’s sleep when someone wakes you and takes you to a nearby bay for a two-mile swim. That’s how former Navy SEAL Rob Roy kicks off his 80-hour leadership course inspired by military combat prep.

Governing by rules allows those at the top to believe they can control the actions of those below. Leading from values, though, shifts the responsibility for decision-making to employees. Shifting power to people may seem dangerous, but it can ultimately make an organization more powerful.

Oscar-winning actor Cliff Robertson lived the kind of leadership he portrayed as Peter Parker’s uncle in “Spiderman” delivering the line that gave “Spiderman” its moral heft: “With great power comes great responsibility.”
Last year, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was Fortune's Business Person of the Year. Now, he’s getting slammed for what he acknowledges are a series of poor decisions and mishandled customer communications. Three lessons to learn from that:
Why Leaders Lie, a slim volume that tells the truth about lying, offers basic definitions of deception, which is designed to prevent others from knowing the truth. Deception includes lying, spinning and concealment ...
Stick to the plan: Chipotle Mexican Grill founder Steve Ells runs his place on rules. He limits the menu to four basic items, serves no coffee or dessert, and doesn’t mess with limited-time offers. Even room temperature is strictly regulated. Result: Revenue has tripled since 2006, to $2 billion.
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