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Best-Practices Leadership

A leader in an organization can’t do everyone’s job. Instead of micromanaging, strong leaders use organizational leadership to coordinate, communicate, motivate and delegate among employees and team members. For comprehensive organizational effectiveness, each individual needs to be seen as a contributor, with the leader at the helm.

Most importantly, best-practices leadership involves keeping employees motivated throughout the process, adapting your scope or strategy as necessary, and developing an effective communication strategy.

Some people never make it to the other side because they’re more successful at being doers. This is a crucial point in determining if you’re going to move up the ranks.

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A Houston-based seismic technology and equipment company is facing a nearly $1 million jury verdict as the result of a lawsuit brought by one of its former manufacturing managers. Input/Output terminated Gaines Watkins in 2002 when he was 68 years old, claiming the company was making changes that he was “incapable or unwilling” to implement. Watkins sued, claiming he was fired because he didn’t fit the company’s new youthful image ...

Performance evaluations are important tools to help employers gauge whether employees are performing at expected levels. They can help organizations spot talent and leadership potential, while identifying areas where employees need extra training and support. Evaluations also can protect employers from frivolous lawsuits filed by employees who claim they’ve been demoted, fired or otherwise unfairly treated when the real reason was poor performance ...

Trusting the boss is a significant factor in employee loyalty, according to new research by management consultant Leadership IQ.
How political is your workplace? More than 350 people surveyed by the Center for Creative Leadership said politics is alive and well in their offices.
“Certification validates your skills, your knowledge, your professionalism,” says Judy Beebe, and she’s proud to list four little letters after her name, SDA/C.
More than 1,600 colleges and universities now offer programs in entrepreneurship
Most organizations say they want leadership but they actually pound it out of people. Rather than cultivating leaders, they breed role-players with no sense of self or mission.
During World War II, Gen. George Patton often prepared troops for battle with a rousing motivational speech later portrayed in his movie biography. It began with the famous statement, “I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other dumb bastard die for his country.”
Brusque Chicagoan Sam Zell made his billions by timing the real estate market. So until recently, only the business press paid much attention to him, his motorcycle and his elaborate holiday gift-giving.
Want more from your people? Give more.
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