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Human Resources

From employment law to compensation and benefits, FMLA and hiring and firing and more, Business Management Daily provides comprehensive Human Resources updates.

Discover how your colleagues – and competitors – are dealing with discrimination and harassment, employment law, benefits programs, and more.

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With unemployment at a 16-year low and job hopping at an all-time high of 28% annually, every employer is in a battle to attract, engage and retain top talent in 2018. According to a new ADP report, here are the key topics HR must pay attention to this year.

A federal judge in Philadelphia has issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the Trump administration from enforcing new rules giving employers wide latitude to exclude coverage of birth control from their health plans if they have moral or religious objections.

Here's your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

Leave is just as valuable as wages to many employees. That’s why it’s essential to administer leave benefits fairly and equitably.

Employers that withdraw a job offer following a pre-employment medical examination risk being sued. Counter by being able to point to a specific task or set of tasks the exam showed would be impossible for the applicant to perform.

In Pennsylvania, case law says employers should balance an employee’s privacy interests against the need for random drug testing.

If you run background checks before hiring, the information you request may limit liability for the investigating firm you use.

Telling a person they have bad breath or body odor is difficult to do. That's why so many managers toss this employee problem HR's way. You need to toss it back to the managers.

Answers to four questions about California vacation leave laws.

Sometimes, employers and employees decide to settle a workers’ compensation claim. But don’t assume that will put an end to the matter—unless you have expert legal help drafting a complete release of any and all claims.

It can be annoying to have to deal with constant unfounded complaints from an employee who seems to take offense at everything. That doesn’t mean you can ignore him.

If an employee breaks your work rules, you should absolutely discipline him. However, make sure that discipline matches punishment you have dished out to other employees for similar infractions—and that you have records to back up your defense.

New legislation would allow employers to create an ERISA plan, known as a qualified flexible workplace arrangement plan, as a way to offer employees a combination of guaranteed paid leave and increased work flexibility options. 

Think an employee’s ultimatum a­­mounts to quitting in a huff? Maybe, maybe not­. If a dispute transforms into a lawsuit, it may be up to a judge or jury to determine if an em­­ployee really resigned or was just blow­­ing off steam.

Here are four common issues involving communications with employees during their FMLA leave.

Employers are supposed to engage with disabled workers and applicants in the ADA’s interactive accommodations process in order to arrive at reasonable accommodations. But what if the employer refuses—and it turns out the employee wasn’t actually disabled?

Keeping close track of why one individual earns less than another goes a long way toward defending against Equal Pay Act claims.

Employers that require all employees to undergo medical exams either annually or following injury or illness may have a hard time justifying their policies under the ADA.

A federal court considering a class-action lawsuit alleging violations of California law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act has dismissed the FLSA claims because the allegations were unclear.

For most complaints, you receive enough background to launch an investigation. But what should you do if the employee reporting the harassment doesn’t want to provide details or even basic information like who the alleged harasser is?

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