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HR Management

Strategic human resource management is the end product of success in conduction workplace investigations, vendor management, human capital management, and more.

Our human resource management articles can help you vastly improve your human resources planning, HR policies, and human resource training.

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Employers can raise deductibles and co-pays only so much before employees begin to doubt the value of their health benefits. So, organizations are looking for other ways to get meaningful savings as health costs continue to rise. Enter the employee wellness program ...

It’s a perennial HR challenge: Determining whether an employee is exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. We make the job easier with HR Specialist's free checklist, as well as a free white paper detailing how to comply with the law.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act has important implications for how employers treat pregnant women during the hiring process and after, once they become employees. Here are the EEOC's answers to some of the most common questions employers face.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott recently sued employers and a labor organization in El Paso and Corpus Christi for allegedly forcing employees to become union members or pay union dues in violation of the state’s right-to-work law ...

A U.S. District Court judge has issued a temporary restraining order that stops the Department of Homeland Security from enforcing new rules on how employers must respond to no-match letters. A groups of civil liberties and labor organizations filed a lawsuit charging that the agency doesn't have the authority to use Social Security records to crack down on illegal immigration.

When you make a new hire, use the employee's probation period--often the first 90 days of employment--to make sure you've got a good fit and that the worker can succeed.
Here are a few quick tips to help when you orient new employees.

You’ve no doubt heard the adage that ignorance of the law is no excuse. But what you may not know is that it’s up to employers to prove they took concrete steps to overcome that ignorance if the law in question is the Fair Labor Standards Act ...

Employees nearing the end of their 12 weeks of FMLA leave have the right to know when it will expire. You can’t simply calculate when the time will run out and not give a “heads up.” In fact, silence may operate as an unspoken extension. What’s more, expect an FMLA lawsuit if you then refuse to reinstate the employee because she took too much leave ...

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