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When hiring employees, negligent hiring practices can doom the process. Learn from your colleagues’ successes – and avoid their pitfalls.

Smart interview questions, well-written job descriptions, and sharp interviewing result in hiring employees that work out well, AND make you look good in the process.

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83% of employers either “strongly” or “somewhat” would support a mandatory electronic verification system.
The Trump administration plans to hire 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.
Make absolutely certain that you retain copies of all interview questions and notes. You may need them to prove how you made hiring decisions.
In a recent Ted Talk, Wharton professor Adam Grant said one question asked during job interviews can help you identify the real givers.
The controversial travel ban has created chaos for many travelers and their employers.
The Trump administration has suspended expedited processing of H-1B visas effective April 3, the first business day following the close of the annual lottery that determines who will receive one of the 85,000 coveted visas.
Employers should proceed with caution when using criminal histories to make employment decisions.
As the founder and CEO of Leadership IQ, Mark Murphy has advised on the hiring processes at hundreds of companies—and in doing so, has slowly revealed commonalities among job candidates when they speak during interviews.
A new survey shows that 72% of employers expect that some roles within talent acquisition and human capital management will become completely automated within the next 10 years.
Legislative action in Harrisburg could moot the new law banning employers from asking potential hires about their salary histories.
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