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Employment Law

Need employment law advice? Your employee’s hungry attorney knows the latest on employment at will, reasonable accommodations, and more.

Minimize employer liability, optimize labor relations, bullet-proof your employee handbook and update your knowledge of ADA guidelines with our employment law advice.

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Disabled employees are entitled to reasonable accommodations for their disabilities in order to perform the essential functions of their jobs. But that doesn’t mean employers have to create a whole new job within the disabled employee’s capacities. All the ADA requires is an honest attempt to find solutions ...

You’d think the sight of customers paying retail prices with real green money would be a sight for a salesperson’s sore eyes. That apparently wasn’t the case at a Dillard’s department store in Kansas City, which is now facing a messy lawsuit after a saleswoman shunned a customer ...

While it’s never a good idea for someone with supervisory authority to engage in a sexual relationship with a subordinate, such an affair doesn’t always trigger employer liability ...

Pregnant employees and applicants are protected by two federal employment laws: the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the FMLA ...

Q. An employee already took his 12 weeks of FMLA leave, but his doctors say he needs three to six weeks more. I want to terminate him because he isn’t ready to return. What’s the best way to go about it?—B.H., Florida

UPS survived a race discrimination lawsuit only to be hit with a $2.1 million verdict for retaliation against a Detroit-area national account manager ...

Can a supervisor be sued personally for alleged acts of discrimination in Michigan? Based on a January decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals, the answer is yes ...

Q. Our company has a union contract with work rules. We also have the right in the contract to change the work rules, which the union can grieve. We recently exercised our right to add a new rule prohibiting cell phones in the plant. The union hasn’t filed a grievance, but it has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board. It claims that we are obligated to bargain over the new rule. Are we obligated to bargain over a new rule like this?—R.S.

Q. Michigan’s labor department has sent us a letter stating that a MIOSHA safety officer will be coming to inspect our facility regarding an employee’s safety complaint. Are we obligated to let the safety officer come into our plant and question our employees? Will the officer tell us who filed the complaint?—C.B.

Two new resources on federal compliance and a legislative attempt to address last week’s Supreme Court decision on pay discrimination head this week’s news from Washington.

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