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Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment claims often increase in a down economy. Learn the proper techniques for conducing proper workplace harassment investigations, providing sexual harassment training, and more to reduce claims of employment discrimination and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

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There is only one boss. The customer. But what if the customer or another outsider is harassing one of your employees? Can your organization be held liable?
A recent case shows that the broader your anti-harassment policy, the more protection you gain. Tell employees to report all harassment, not just the sexual kind. Include harassment based on religion, disability, national origin and so on.
An employee terminated from the Fox TV affiliate in Texas drove to New York City in January and shot himself outside News Corporation’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters.
Remind supervisors that when it comes to age discrimination, what they say matters. They should never comment directly on age, and should avoid references to “generational differences” or anything else that might be construed as code for age discrimination.
Once an employee shows a judge that there is direct evidence she was discriminated against because of her race, it’s too late to come up with much of a defense. That’s why it is crucial to wipe out obvious discrimination once and for all. Don’t ever let a supervisor’s overtly racist comments go unpunished.
Hone your workplace relationship rules now before spring romance brings September grief.
What should you do if an employee has a disability that prevents him for doing his job? The ADA says you must try to find a reasonable accommodation. But who decides what’s reasonable?
Employees who claim they were victims of a sexually hostile work environment don’t have to provide an exhaustive list of alleged hostile acts. Details can be provided later.
Seapod Pawnshops, with stores in Brooklyn and Queens, will pay $300,000 and sever ties with a former owner to settle sexual and racial harassment charges. Employees alleged that the former owner harassed them because of their sex, race and ethnicity.
Regularly check your workplace for potentially offensive materials. An isolated incident won’t be held against you, but a pattern of tolerance could be.
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