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Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment claims often increase in a down economy. Learn the proper techniques for conducing proper workplace harassment investigations, providing sexual harassment training, and more to reduce claims of employment discrimination and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Generally, if an employer operates in a fair and equitable fashion, there’s very little room for an employee to file and win a discrimination lawsuit. But how can HR know whether supervisors are imposing balanced discipline without regard to race, sex, religion or other protected characteristics?
You may see more older workers seeking open positions in your organization. How you treat those applicants can mean the difference between winning or losing an age discrimination lawsuit.
The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that an economic downturn cannot be used as an excuse to justify continuing unequal pay under the Equal Pay Act.
Business is booming, so you’re adding hours. That’s great news for everyone—except Joe, one of your top employees. He says he can’t work the company’s new mandated Saturday shift. His religion won’t allow it, he says, and he wants an accommodation.
Former employees don’t need much evidence to get through the first phase of a discrimination claim. A few allegations are all that’s necessary.
Be sure to consider all the ramifications of settling an employee’s discrimination lawsuit, especially if the settlement includes reinstatement. An employee who comes back to work for you could turn right around and sue you again if he believed you are continuing to discriminate.
A federal jury has awarded just $1 in damages to a former University of Minnesota doctoral student in a two-year-old case that alleged a professor had sexually harassed her on a research trip to Alaska.
Before going forward with an age discrimination lawsuit, an employee must show he is old enough to be covered by age bias laws, was replaced by a younger worker and was qualified for the job he held.
Sealy of Minnesota has agreed to settle charges it failed to properly address and end racial harassment at its mattress and box spring factory in St. Paul.
Managers and supervisors must be trained to understand that comments tinged with racism aren’t ever appropriate in the workplace.
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