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HR Soapbox

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Even before the birth of Obamacare, managing company benefits was becoming a more complex process. Here are some issues to consider when choosing the right broker:
For HR professionals, too much emotional involvement in employee problems can chew up your time, drain your energy and increase your stress. The goal is to be receptive to others’ feelings without adopting those feelings as your own. Use the following six tips to maintain your emotional distance while still remaining effective ...
HR professionals from around the country came to the Bellagio in Las Vegas last week to soak up expert employment law advice at the 11th annual Labor & Employment Law Advanced Practices (LEAP) Symposium, hosted by Business Management Daiy and the HR Specialist. The Soapbox was there to record pearls of wisdom dropped by the speakers, 25 of the best employment attorneys in the country. Here are just some of  those thoughts:
These days, many employer documents exist solely in electronic form, acknowledged by employees using so-called electronic signatures instead of written ones. However, it’s vital to have a system to authenticate that such a “signature” was really executed by a particular employee or applicant. A handful of court cases have shown that sloppy authentication can lead courts to nullify “signed” agreements ...

First impressions are important. But when it comes to preventing employment lawsuits, it’s typically the last impression that employees have at work that matters most. “This is why 90% of people come to our office. It’s the way they’re treated on the way out the door,” said noted plaintiffs' attorney, Randy Freking, of Freking & Betz in Cincinnati, during last week's LEAP conference.

As Freking puts it, a lot of juries seem to live by the motto of “If it seems unfair, there must be something there.” Here are the most common errors he sees employers making in the termiantion process ...

This month, HR professionals—more specifically, the lawyers who advise HR professionals—are waiting on a pair of tablets expected to be handed down soon from Mount Labor. Both documents stalled at the U.S. Department of Labor actually do matter to the way you do your business. Here’s why … and the status of each:
Innovative companies are doing more to snuff out their “yes men” cultures. At Google, for example, the top dogs specifically tell employees not to listen only to “HIPPOs,” an acronym for the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Here are five ways to encourage staff to politely dissent ...

Luck and Love, HR Style

by on February 13, 2015 3:13pm
in HR Soapbox

As we sit at the confluence of Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day, today's HR Soapbox is reflecting on luck and love in the workplace. As luck would have it, we’ve stumbled upon a pair of new surveys on these topics:

Maybe you conduct exit interviews with employees on their way out the door, or you do “stay interviews” with current staff. But you’re missing out on important feedback by failing to listen to another key segment—applicants who’ve rejected your job offers. Listening to rejecters helps you gauge the effectiveness of your hiring process and increase your applicant capture rate. Here's what to ask, and how to ask it ...

Your computer networks face a greater risk from an angry ex-employee or bored teenager than from Kim Jong Un. A surprising 44% of small employers say their computer networks have faced some sort of attack. What’s HR to do? Attorneys say HR should consider the following issues ...

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