A Manager's Complete Guide to Hiring


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A Manager's Complete Guide to Hiring

Less turnover, greater productivity, improved morale – it's all good!

The right or wrong employees can make or break your organization. Boost your skills at interviewing, evaluating and selecting the best job candidates with A Manager's Complete Guide to Hiring.

This audio-visual CD includes complete training, handy PDF guides, even a library of skill-based questions.

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Dear Colleague:

At last, here’s help with one of your toughest decisions: choosing the best employee for a job.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Pick the right person and you’re a hero. Productivity soars, the bottom line improves, all’s right with the world.

But if you hire the wrong person? Results suffer, morale suffers and you suffer. Not only does everyone’s stress go through the roof, but certain hiring mistakes can have legal (read: devastating) consequences.

The hour you spend with A Manager’s Complete Guide to Hiring will be time well invested. Anyone with hiring responsibility will find this training helpful, and it’s especially important for those who are new (or nearly new) to hiring responsibility.

This CD is both a laser-focused training tool and an ongoing resource. A Manager’s Complete Guide to Hiring gives you:
  • A 22-step interactive course, complete with slides and audio narration that takes you quickly and efficiently through the training process from developing a job description to avoiding job-offer pitfalls.
  • 3 guides in PDF form – a User’s Guide, Discussion Guide and Participant’s Guide – for helpful tips and handy reference.
  • A library of 170 skill-based interview questions, along with a checklist of required competencies, to help you develop the most productive, most incisive interviews possible.
Everyone's had a bad hiring experience. I'm making sure I never have another.
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Better hiring, no risk – send the CD!
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Great for the people who do the hiring. Great for the company that finds better employees – winners who help the company win.

A Manager’s Complete Guide to Hiring is a terrific starter kit for any manager or HR person who does hiring, and for any others who simply want to make hiring easier. After all, what organization wouldn’t benefit from:
  • Reducing costly turnover – costly in money, time and aggravation.
  • Finding more productive employees – a must in any economy, and especially in this one.
  • Improving teamwork and morale. Not only for better results, but for its own sake.
  • Increasing workforce diversity – if this is one of your goals.
  • Reducing the chances of discrimination lawsuits – enough said!
  • Focusing on getting the work done – instead of struggling to find the best people to do it.
Step by step, the interactive CD takes you through the training. In just one hour you’ll feel more confident in your hiring skills – which means you’ll become better at building a stronger, more successful company!

The education doesn’t end after you go through the training. You’ll have the Participant’s Guide for easy reference, plus that library of 170 skill-based questions in 32 categories, including:
  • Adaptability. Example: “What kinds of problems have you had in switching from one job to another?”
  • Interpersonal skills. Example: “In what areas do you believe your current supervisor could do a better job?”
  • Planning and time management. Example: “Tell me about a time when expenses in your department threatened to run over budget. What did you do about it?”
There’s even a section of questions for recent graduates. Example: “What qualifications do you have beyond academics for making a successful transition into business?”
Everyone's had a bad hiring experience. I'm making sure I never have another.
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Even the best managers can make serious mistakes in hiring. Get ready for some scary statistics.

Maybe you’re thinking everyone in your organization is already good enough at hiring. Frankly, the odds are against it. Frequent problems include:
  • Hiring on first impression. Did you know that 63% of hiring decisions are made within the first 4 minutes? That can’t be wise.
  • Hiring mismatches. A whopping 67% of people don’t like what they do, and 50% stay only 6 months on the job. Surely some of that is due to poor hiring practices.
  • Hiring people with exaggerated résumés. More than 1 out of 5 résumés contains lies. Not just inaccuracies, outright lies!
That’s why you need every skill enhancement this training CD provides. So you’ll be ready to:
  • Write job descriptions that attract the best people
  • Screen résumés, not just by rote, but the right way – knowing when to be flexible and when not to
  • Make the most of telephone screenings, so you get the truth – the whole truth and nothing but
  • Choose the right setting for the interview – both where and when
  • Develop interview questions that elicit the information you need without putting you in legal jeopardy
  • Answer questions as well – because when you’re interviewing a candidate, the candidate is also interviewing you
  • Control the interview and document it properly (Hint: Be careful what you write down; it lives forever)
  • Identify red flags such as incomplete references, employment gaps, made-up titles, false credentials, lack of progress, etc.
  • Follow the law – this topic has 3 chapters and a quiz (yes, it’s that important). You must know how to frame questions properly – and what never to ask
  • Rank promising candidates accurately while overcoming the tendency to hire the person who is freshest in your mind
  • Avoid job offer pitfalls, such as making verbal assurances that can legally be interpreted as a contract, or misrepresenting the health of your organization, which can open you up to a lawsuit from a new employee who relied on misleading info and left a good job
Everyone's had a bad hiring experience. I'm making sure I never have another.
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Better hiring, no risk – send the CD!
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So there you have it. A Manager’s Complete Guide to Hiring gives you complete training, handouts for printing and a wealth of bonus information, all on one handy disk.

There’s even a quick final exam to help ensure your managers have gotten what they need from the training.

You’ll be ready to make big gains by hiring the best people instead of mediocre ones – or worse. And you’ll know how to avoid big mistakes that can cripple a department or even a company.

In fact, there’s a mistake you could be making right now – if you’re even thinking about passing by this opportunity.

I don’t imagine you’re worried about the cost, not with a money-back guarantee. But what about the time you’ll invest in the training? Will that be worthwhile?

If you hire one all-star… if you avoid one lawsuit… if you streamline your hiring process for years to come… does that sound worthwhile?

Try A Manager’s Complete Guide to Hiring. Because if there’s one part of your job that deserves best practices, it’s hiring the people you depend on – for performance, for profits, for everything.


Phillip A. Ash
Everyone's had a bad hiring experience. I'm making sure I never have another.
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P.S. With our money-back guarantee, you’re basically getting a free trial, with absolutely nothing to lose. Pop the CD in your computer and you’ll know within 5 minutes that you’ve made a great investment.

But go ahead, take your time, check it out. See for yourself that this training CD and its resources are one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

If you don’t agree? Please send back the CD, and we’ll send back your money. We don’t want you to be anything less than delighted. Thank you!