The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit


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The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit

Everything you need for a successful performance appraisal system.

Performance reviews are more than just evaluations. They're an opportunity to increase productivity – and must be done correctly to prevent lawsuits. Get everything you need to do it all right with The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit.

Includes a 147-page manual and a CD with dozens of documents you can easily customize.

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Dear Colleague:

How are your performance reviews performing for you?

Do they communicate clearly? Do they give your employees the feedback and goals they need to correct and improve their performance? Are they legally bulletproof?

The answer, most likely, is no.

If you’re like most employers, you’re using procedures and documents cobbled together over the years. Result? A mere 30% of workers say their evaluations help them improve performance. Only 3 out of 10!

How to improve this dismal picture? With a performance review system designed to maximize the effectiveness (and minimize the liability) of your evaluations. Which is exactly what you get with The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit.

When we say “complete,” we mean it. The kit includes:
  • A 147-page manual that explains the step-by-step process of a successful appraisal system. You’ll get expert advice and practical tools to correctly plan, conduct and follow up on performance reviews.
  • A companion CD with the complete manual plus bonus content, including dozens of sample phrases to use in performance improvement plans. That way your managers don’t have to start from scratch when determining criteria for everything from adaptability to initiative to teamwork.
  • Also on the CD, a library of 27 customizable documents you can save to your hard drive and edit to suit your exact needs. Including a sample Performance Appraisal Policy, model Performance Appraisal Form, sample self-audit and dozens of other helpful documents.
When my performance appraisals improve, my employees will, too.
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Give your managers the tools and confidence they need to tackle every step of the performance appraisal process – the right way, every time – with The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit.

You can’t afford a casual approach to performance appraisals. Not when so much is at stake: pay rates, promotions, who gets chosen for training programs, who stays or goes during a reduction-in-force.

That’s why more and more organizations are leaning toward a continuous program of performance management that encourages both the success of the organization and the personal advancement of employees.

Does it sound daunting? It needn’t be. Not when you have The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit to help you develop a program that’s just right for your organization. The comprehensive manual guides you from start to finish:
  • The legal importance of accurate performance assessments
  • How to establish clear, attainable goals all year round, not just at review time
  • The type of feedback managers should give employees, and how managers should get feedback from employees in turn
  • How managers can help employees overcome poor performance
  • How to conduct an effective performance appraisal interview
  • How to document the interview in a way that will stand up in court – if it comes to that
  • How to conduct performance management audits – in other words, review your appraisal system itself, including the legal liability of your documents
  • Alternate appraisal methods – get the kit to find out!
The manual also expands upon the appraisal process with 5 advice-packed appendices, including a case study, management training exercise and Performance Appraisal Checklist. The latter alone includes:
  • 7 things to do before the appraisal interview
  • 13 ways to get the most out of the interview
  • 7 ways to boost effectiveness after the interview
When my performance appraisals improve, my employees will, too.
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Now for the most powerful tool in The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit… the CD with all the documents you’ll ever need.

Not only does the CD include the entire manual, it also gives you a complete library of documents. Literally dozens of documents in Word format for you to download, edit as needed and save on your hard drive for use again and again. Including:
360-Degree Performance Review
Career Development Discussion Guide
Employee Pre-Appraisal Performance
Intermediate Performance Assessment
Managerial Self-Assessment
Performance Appraisal Follow-up
Performance Feedback Log
Performance Improvement Plan
Performance Management Audit
Performance Problem Analysis Guide
Pre-Interview Checklist for Employees
Problem Analysis and Corrective Action Plan
Progressive Appraisal Meeting Language
Sample Letter Announcing Upward Appraisal
Sample Performance Improvement Memo
Self-Audit of the Appraisal Interview
Statement of Employee Goals
Supervisor/Manager Performance Review
And more! All in addition to the Model Performance Appraisal Form, the linchpin document of the system. It helps you and your managers improve the consistency and reduce the subjectivity of your performance appraisals by defining exactly what each rating means.

With every document provided and every detail covered, The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit lets you focus on the big picture. Reviews are no longer a paper-pushing program that returns zero value. Instead, great reviews help you build a great organization.
When my performance appraisals improve, my employees will, too.
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Even if you have a program in place, The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit is a must. It will transform your review process from administrative drudgery to a powerful motivational tool.

You could create a whole new performance appraisal system with The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit, and many organizations do. But you don’t have to throw out everything you already have. After all, you may be doing some things right!

That’s why The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit includes a special section on pumping new life into an existing performance management program. You’ll discover how to:
  • Diagnose the problem. The two most common issues are failure to measure the right performance standards and poor communication with employees. The kit helps you avoid “HR speak” and simply help an employee understand “Where am I going?”… “What’s my role?”… “What’s in it for me?”
  • Win employees over. Are your employees truly motivated to put forth a superior effort? Do they set ambitious goals? Ask for help when needed? Strive for continuous improvement? Wouldn’t you love to have employees like that? Get the kit!
  • Fix the framework. When management understands the performance management program, and employees are motivated, but you’re still not seeing the results you hoped for, what’s wrong? The kit gives you easy solutions. For example, tie the performance management calendar to your business calendar.
Yes, The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit will reduce anxiety and extract maximum benefit from your worn-down appraisal process. The kit is ideal for any organization with any level of sophistication in appraisals.

But you needn’t take our word for it. Take advantage of our money-back guarantee instead.

Get the manual in your hands. Put the CD in your computer. See for yourself how The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit will improve your performance when conducting appraisals.


Phillip A. Ash
When my performance appraisals improve, my employees will, too.
checkbox Let’s see how this kit of yours performs. Send me The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit. If I’m not completely satisfied, I’ll request and receive a full refund.
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P.S. It’s up to you:
  • Risk doing poor reviews that lead to rapid turnover, low morale and potential legal trouble, or …
  • Make your performance review system the most powerful tool possible, not only to assess past work but also to help your employees meet future goals.
Making the right choice benefits your people… your organization… and you as a supervisor. Two words: Order now.