Effectively Managing Difficult Employees


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Effectively Managing Difficult Employees

You know who they are. Here's how to deal with them.

The workplace offers enough challenges without difficult employees adding frustration, reducing productivity and sapping morale. Why put up with it? Get proven techniques for Effectively Managing Difficult Employees.

This audio-visual training CD comes complete with printed guides. For all HR professionals and managers; ideal for solo or group training.

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Whiners and gripers. Back-talkers and bullies. Prima donnas. Slackers. Even fighters.

Difficult employees make the workplace miserable for their peers, for their supervisors, for you. Sometimes we confront these troublemakers, and sometimes ignore them. Some may be star performers – except for one nasty habit. If only we could keep their good qualities and help them get rid of the bad ones.

Now you can. Just load Effectively Managing Difficult Employees into your computer. In as little as 60 minutes this training CD – an interactive slide presentation with audio narration – gives you dozens of tips for dealing with difficult employees of all kinds, from habitual late arrivers to serial gossipers to unmotivated workers who suck all the energy out of the workplace. The complete program includes:
  • A 42-step course that identifies the 10 common types of difficult employees and how to handle them.
  • 9 quick quizzes to reinforce what you’ve learned and enhance your understanding.
  • 3 printed guides – a User’s Guide, Discussion Guide, and Participant’s Guide – to complete and expand upon the training. You get a hard copy, so you can get started right away, with PDFs on the CD so you can print all the copies you ever need.
This product is the ideal training device for HR experts, both for their own use and to train all managers, either independently or in a group environment.
Dealing with difficult employees
doesn't have to be difficult.
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They come to mind easily, don’t they? Those few bad apples who spoil the workplace for all the rest. Yet they’re valuable enough to keep on staff. Here’s your chance to improve the environment for everybody.

Effectively Managing Difficult Employees gives you exactly what the name implies. Not advice on getting rid of difficult employees (as much as you’d sometimes like to), but effective management techniques for getting more out of them. You’ll learn:
  • How to nip minor problems in the bud, successfully address moderate problems as they crop up, and immediately handle serious problems that can have serious legal consequences.
  • When managers don’t need to involve the HR department, when you may want to, when you must.
  • How to change your focus from disciplining employees to motivating them to get along with others and improve their own performance.
  • How to figure out what makes difficult employees tick – for example, if someone who appears to be a procrastinator is really a perfectionist who doesn’t know when a job is done.
In fact, what seems like difficult behavior may spotlight some other problem that needs attention. Say an employee is insubordinate with a supervisor. You may discover that the supervisor has assigned a task which the employee considers unsafe – and is!

Effectively Managing Difficult Employees will help you manage the difficult tasks of exercising good judgment, handling sensitive situations, and turning problems into opportunities for improvement. Why let rotten apples spoil the work environment when you can polish them instead?
Dealing with difficult employees
doesn't have to be difficult.
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One of the people who has difficulty with others may be difficult to spot – unless you look in a mirror.

Don’t take it personally, but what if part of the problem is you? You can use Effectively Managing Difficult Employees to get a handle on your own less-than-ideal behaviors.

Take bullying. Easy to spot in others, but in yourself? That’s why we’ve included a self-audit that asks:
  • Do I yell when things don’t go as planned?
  • Do I cut others out of the communication loop if they disagree with me?
  • Do I blame others for my mistakes?
The list goes on. The point isn’t to find fault, it’s to identify areas for improvement. We’re all a little difficult sometimes, aren’t we?

But of course, the main reason you want Effectively Managing Difficult Employees is for help with those consistently difficult people among your staff. Employees who:
  • Say, “It’s not my job” when you need everyone to pitch in on an urgent task
  • Complain so much, it eats up their time, their co-workers’ time and yours
  • Think gossip is part of their job description
  • Play pranks on others – but there’s nothing funny about the results
  • Refuse to make needed changes (due to stubbornness, lack of understanding or fear?)
  • Always seem to be absent on either side of a holiday weekend
  • Get overly emotional – whether it’s anger or tears, the drama is always intense
Dealing with difficult employees
doesn't have to be difficult.
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Effectively Managing Difficult Employees gives you complete training on one handy CD, with printed guides for users, participants, and discussion leaders. Plus one more big reason to order ...

We’ve told you how this training CD helps you improve the behavior of difficult employees, boost morale and raise productivity.

It also helps you avoid pain. You’ll know:
  • How to spot the warning signs of an employee who may become violent
  • What to do when you suspect an employee of substance abuse at work
  • How to avoid the agony of losing your best employees because you ignore the problems created by difficult employees
Make no mistake: Difficult employees exact a severe price from your organization. But if you want help dealing with them, the price is minimal, both in time and money, thanks to the practical knowledge you’ll find in Effectively Managing Difficult People.

Get your hands on this vital training CD now. There’s no risk whatsoever for taking a look … and huge risks if you don’t.


Phillip A. Ash
Dealing with difficult employees
doesn't have to be difficult.
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P.S. Remember, our money-back guarantee means you have absolutely nothing to lose. Think of it as a free trial. If you’re less than delighted, you’ll have no difficulty managing to get a full refund of your purchase price – just send back the CD.