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OVERVIEW: Analyzes marketing problems and opportunities, and coordinates the preparation and procurement of materials for successful packaging, advertising, and promotion of company products.

OVERVIEW: Researches and analyzes market data to identify marketing opportunities and resolve marketing problems.  Assists the Marketing manager in all planning operations and maintains the company's marketing database on a daily basis.

OVERVIEW: Performs daily maintenance of the company's marketing database, including catalogs, key codes, and customer/prospect files.  Follows up on questions submitted by customers, and assists Marketing manager in all planning operations.

OVERVIEW: Assists sales and marketing management with communications media and advertising materials to effectively represent and publicize the company's products and services to customers and prospects.

OVERVIEW: Responsible for the development and implementation of the marketing/sales aspects of the annual corporate business plan.  Directs and coordinates all operations of the Marketing and Telemarketing departments.

OVERVIEW: Develops and coordinates all marketing, sales, and promotional efforts on behalf of the company and its product lines.  Coordinates marketing activities to ensure growth, product/service development, internal communications, quality control, profitability, and operating cost efficiency.

OVERVIEW: Main responsibilities are to develop systems, methods, and recommended equipment acquisition to ensure the most economical packaging of products, in-plant storage and retrieval of material, and automated machine load/unload systems.

OVERVIEW: Monitors, reviews, and coordinates all materials movement and storage, and designs cost-effective avenues for moving and storing product and materials.  Oversees warehousing of raw materials and finished goods, including storage in transit.

OVERVIEW: Tests and evaluates equipment, instruments, and components to eliminate sources of failure and to increase production quality and quantity.  Researches and develops mechanical design concepts to meet given specifications of performance, cost, and suitability.  Designs, builds, and develops prototypes to meet assigned specifications.  Coordinates with Production/Engineering departments to ensure the accuracy of all drawings and specifications before being released.


OVERVIEW: Compiles, processes, and maintains medical records of hospital and clinic patients in a manner consistent with the medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the health care system.  Processes, maintains, compiles, and reports patient information based on health regulations and standards.  Plans, develops, maintains, and operates a variety of health record indexes, storages, and retrieval systems to collect, classify, store, and analyze information.

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