Calm is key when handling chronic complainers

  • January 17, 2010

Some employees are natural complainers. They can and will find something to gripe about, no matter what. If one of your employees fits that mold and files incessant EEOC...

Just what are 'other duties as assigned'?

  • November 24, 2009

In my view, the term "other duties as assigned" means duties not in the position description, but within the usual framework of the position, such as type of job, one's...

Sedentary work restriction may be disability

  • November 22, 2009

Employees who are unable to perform anything but sedentary work may be disabled under the ADA. That means employers may have to find ways to accommodate them, including...

ADA: Driving could be a major life activity

  • October 18, 2009

Most federal appeals courts have concluded that driving is not a major life activity under the ADA. Thus a disability that simply impairs the ability to drive...