How must employees ask for FMLA leave?

  • December 21, 2008

Q. Does an employee have to say that she wants to “take FMLA leave” in order to satisfy the requirement that she notify her employer of her “intent to...

What counts as an ‘FMLA week’: 40 hours?

  • December 13, 2008

Q. How should I calculate the number of hours to charge to an employee’s 12-week FMLA entitlement? We have employees who work 40, 55 and 64 hours per week. Do we...

Recalculate hours worked for 2nd FMLA request

  • December 02, 2008

To qualify for FMLA leave, employees must have worked 1,250 hours in the preceding year. It sounds like a pretty simple calculation, but it’s not. The fact is, you...

What managers need to know about the FMLA

  • September 02, 2008

When employees request time off because of a health condition or to care for a family member’s health problem, you need to know whether that leave could qualify...

The FMLA and domestic partners

  • July 07, 2008

Q. Several of our company’s employees live with domestic partners. Are these employees entitled to leave under the FMLA? ...