Crack down on moonlighting during FMLA leave

  • December 18, 2011

Do you have employees who take intermittent FMLA leave to deal with their own health conditions? If so, you might worry that they sometimes abuse that leave by calling...

Can FMLA leave be involuntary? Court punts

  • December 18, 2011

A federal court hearing an FMLA interference case has sidestepped deciding whether it is legal for an employer to place an employee on involuntary FMLA leave.

No additional leave required after FMLA ends

  • November 20, 2011

Employees covered by the FMLA are entitled to return to their jobs after taking up to 12 weeks off to deal with a serious health condition. But sometimes employees...

Don’t interfere with overseas FMLA leave

  • August 21, 2011

You may have an employee or two with relatives living in foreign lands. While it may not be an issue that comes up often, you should be prepared to handle requests for...


  • August 15, 2011

Disciplining workers for absenteeism problems can lead to employee lawsuits if employers don't follow their own absenteeism policies consistently, fail to give...