Employees can disobey bias-tainted orders

  • October 01, 2005

When an employee refuses to carry out an order, supervisors may automatically think such insubordination is worthy of discipline or firing. Not so fast! That initial...

When customers cross the line

  • June 02, 2005

Employers can be liable for harassment of workers not only by other workers, but also by customers. But often, managers who'd have no qualms about...

Warn managers: no ‘one-sided’ socializing

  • March 01, 2005

Supervisors may naturally feel more comfortable with employees from one gender or the other. But, as a new court ruling shows, it's important to counsel supervisors...

Enforce ‘truth statement’ on applications

  • November 01, 2004

If your organization's job application doesn't include a "statement of accuracy," add one fast. In signing, applicants promise they've given complete and accurate...

How to spot a dishonest purchasing manager

  • July 01, 2004

Issue: Employees handling your organization's purse strings could be pulling them in the wrong way. Risk: Lax controls leave your organization wide open to invoice...