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A private letter ruling from the IRS may provide you with a novel option to help employees through your company's 401k plan.
How do you become the hero of heroes at work? By preparing others for unexpected interruptions or breakdowns with a good administrative procedures manual.
There can be many side effects that go along with the perceived benefits of telecommuting. To avoid unpleasant surprises, ask these 10 questions.
Here are the shades of employee insubordination, which is a willful display of disobedience or disrespect directed at, well, you.
Sexual harassment training continues to be a primary focus for employers, as recent court cases prove the EEOC still sees it as a major workplace problem.
Editor of Business Management Daily's Payroll Legal Alert, and employment tax compliance expert Alice Gilman answers your payroll questions in this roundup of Payroll Services Mailbag.
Potential employees not responding to some of the tried-and-true recruiting methods anymore? Try these more direct approaches to lure passive candidates.
Before you deem that weekly team meeting a waste of time, consider these advantages...
Take these recent lessons from the courtroom into consideration when you are handling an ADA accommodation request at your workplace.
New legislation out of New York includes protection from gender identity or expression discrimination, as well as rising minimum wage and exempt salary levels.
Six hallmarks of a resilient team that understands how to manage stress, solve problems and bounce back from adversity.
New signs indicate that paid parental leave —long considered a pipedream—could become a reality in America.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s extension of the 50% corporate deduction limit to convenience meals has allowed the IRS to refine its previous guidance.
Our expert attorney on all things employment law covers the legal implications of W-4 form errors, mistaken FLMA notice and more.
HR management professionals must continue evolving to succeed in these fast-moving times. Here are eight key workplace trends to plan for, and how to request them.
As new gig economy options to hire employees emerge, employers may want to closely assess and proactively manage these methods to engage temporary workers.
When a snafu strikes, the blame game on your team can take on a life all its own. Follow this process when responding to your team’s mistakes.
Just as partners benefit from checking in, managers who take an interest in maintaining a motivated staff can reap great rewards.
Here’s an important and surprisingly easy way to avoid potentially catastrophic class-action pay discrimination litigation: Decentralize pay and promotion decision-making to the greatest extent possible.
The Trump administration is using no-match letters to help enforce the president’s Buy American, Hire American Executive Order. The program will continue in the spring of 2019, when the SSA will be comparing 2018 W-2 tax form data to its records and informing employers when there is a discrepancy.
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