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Many managers ask: How do I get my employees to follow instructions without micromanaging? Try these 5 strategies of non-pushy nagging.
Consider this a reminder that when things get hectic, there’s one friend you can always rely on to help you stay organized at work.
These recent cases prove courts are becoming more sensitive to sexual discrimination claims that can have a real effect on careers and work environment.
Employers should start planning now how they will respond to the Department of Labor’s proposal to raise the overtime salary threshold.
The U.S. Supreme Court just rejected an equal pay lawsuit for a most unusual reason. Even so, employers can learn valuable pay equity lessons from the case.
Make these tweaks to how you approach each day, and you may just find yourself attaining that holy grail of working smarter instead of harder.
Warning: Firing an employee while referencing use of FMLA leave may trigger a retaliation lawsuit.
Look up the word “trust” in a dictionary and you’ll get definitions like “to place confidence in” and “to rely on the truthfulness or accuracy of.” When such actions permeate a company’s culture, they set the stage for great things to happen.
Consider these tips for giving your most seasoned talent a boost. Time to cut ties? Keep these lessons from the courtroom on age discrimination in mind.
Even if you assign the task to deposit payroll taxes to someone inside or outside the company, you’re still on the hook if your taxes aren’t deposited.
Late yesterday,  Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta released a press statement through the Department of Labor outlining a new proposal.
Research increasingly supports the notion that some laughter and playfulness in the office corresponds to a myriad of company culture positives.
New research shows today’s job seekers are confident in their salary negotiation power, while employers have started to become less transparent in pay adjustments.
FMLA isn't just about maternity leave and medical concerns - but it does have its limitations. As employers can see in these recent court cases, it's important to document decisions and know what you can, and cannot do when it comes to the FMLA.
A private letter ruling from the IRS may provide you with a novel option to help employees through your company's 401k plan.
How do you become the hero of heroes at work? By preparing others for unexpected interruptions or breakdowns with a good administrative procedures manual.
There can be many side effects that go along with the perceived benefits of telecommuting. To avoid unpleasant surprises, ask these 10 questions.
Here are the shades of employee insubordination, which is a willful display of disobedience or disrespect directed at, well, you.
Sexual harassment training continues to be a primary focus for employers, as recent court cases prove the EEOC still sees it as a major workplace problem.
Editor of Business Management Daily's Payroll Legal Alert, and employment tax compliance expert Alice Gilman answers your payroll questions in this roundup of Payroll Services Mailbag.
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