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With summer quickly approaching, here's a quick look at what's expected for teen employment as well as fair warnings about unpaid internships.
Even as total EEOC charges declined dramatically in fiscal year 2018, sexual harassment claims soared. So what does this mean for employers?
Our veteran exectuive answers readers questions with honest career advice. This edition includes reflections on what really matters and more.
An intimate look at older workers with tips on how to stay active and engaged, ageism in the workplace and what to do when faced with age discrimination.
There are worse fates out there for execs and companies that don’t take their payroll tax liabilities as seriously as the IRS does.
What’s the fine line between giving your employees autonomy and ownership, and being a de­­tach­­ed, unsupportive manager who over-delegates?
The U.S. Department of Labor is having a busy spring with new proposals and opinion letters. All while facing a 10% budget cut from the White House.
Micorsoft Excel's shortcuts are not only big time-savers, but they're pretty easy to master. Here are some of our favorites.
Our expert attorney answers HR professionals' questions about filling out w-4 forms and final paychecks.
Here are some key Q&As from a new DOL fact sheet on the proposed changes.
Think twice before filing criminal charges against a former employee — you might find your organization on the receiving end of a prosecution lawsuit.
Leaders: take the time to ask your employees five essential questions that get to the heart of their role within the company.
By hiring those who are truly high performers, our focus will begin shifting from employee engagement to maximizing quality-of-hiring.
Today is Equal Pay Day in America. So, why not take this day to double-check your Equal Pay Act compliance?
Before you move forward with any compensation adjustments in response to the new proposed federal salary threshold, check your overtime compliance.
Theories that automation in the workplace could eliminate millions of jobs in the U.S.are starting to get debunked.
The benefits of unlimited paid-time-off policies are obvious. But many of the legal risks they create are not.
Learning to manage without fear may be the one critical element that separates an acceptable manager from a true leader that others want to follow.
Switching payroll service vendors should never be a spur-of-the-moment decision. There are some things you need to consider beforehand.
In this month's Q&A, our expert attorney tackles FMLA, unused vacation payout and harassment training compliance.
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