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One of the foibles of many managers—especially the rookies—is the lack of assertiveness. It’s the awareness of the need to swoop down on wayward employees to express your opinions and feelings without delay.
Julie Perrine, founder and CEO of All Things Admin, reminds us that dropping someone into your job for even a few days is twice as complicated as you think it is, and she won’t let you take carefully organized procedures for granted.
Reed Hastings believes that talented people thrive when you simply leave them alone. So the co-founder and CEO of Netflix created a culture of independence.
Burnout is responsible for up to half of all employee attrition, according to a new study. Ninety-five percent of chief HR officers surveyed said burnout is sabotaging their workforce retention efforts.
No one wants to be on the boss’ bad side. Here are some tips to mend an injured relationship with your manager.
Companies that live by social media can also die by social media if they don’t police what’s happening on their platforms. That’s especially true if you allow anyone out there to leave comments without prior review.
If you tend to have an intimidating number of unopened emails in your inbox, here are some tips to get things under control before you reach a tipping point of chaos.
When it comes to selecting the best candidates, going deeper than just face value should be routine.
Being a good manager of your boss is a skill that can propel you and your organization forward, but how and when do you take the lead with your supervisor?
A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management indicates the move by tech giants Netflix, Microsoft and Amazon to provide paid family leave programs was more flash in the pan than watershed.
The “I’ll just do it myself” attitude you may be harboring is hurting your career and team.
Unless you quickly reverse the deduction, it could jeopardize the employee’s exempt status.
These 3 simple phrases could transform your employee relationships.
Being a fantastic listener can have a downside.
Political analysts say there are three paths Republicans could follow.
Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. The return on investment will be extraordinary.
Late last year, OSHA made sweeping changes to its injury and illness reporting rule.
Kate Brodock, co-founder and CEO of Women 2.0, has learned a few lessons she’d like to pass on.
Here are some tips to avoid making it worse and hopefully to rectify the situation.
During the final testing of Apple’s PowerBook, Anthony Soohoo discovered a small flaw that could harm its performance.
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